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Pong and Crack

So, the luau was really fun. People didn't dress to theme for the most part, but Kirsten had some extra leis and stuff. Plus I had brought some decorations, so the atmosphere was very luau. Stacy and Dillon dressed to theme and Brittany decked out. She had the coconut bra, grass skirt, bit ol' hat. She was awesome. I kicked beer pong's little pansy ass. And the drunker I got, the better I got. And my official beer pong song is David Banner  "Play" 

Kelly's album came out almost a week ago. I listen to it at least once a day. I love it. I go through phases of what songs I like, the harder rock stuff, the pop/rock stuff, the slower stuff. But I do love it all. I am so stoked for her tour. Smaller venues is going to kick ass. Don't get me wrong, I love Kelly anywhere. But there is nothing like a small beautiful theatre filled with wonderful music. Kelly @ the Paramount = Perfect. Kelly @ the Paramount w/ General Admission = Heaven. I really hope they do GA on the next tour. That would be choice.

I had party dream last night. Karne was there, so was Kirsten. Kirsten and I got in a fight, because she was being a bitch. We went in the house to yell at each other. When we were done, we came out to see Karne smoking crack with some random guys. I yelled at her and she didn't know why. Yeah, it was weird. 

I'm going to buy the new Tomb Raider game and the new Harry Potter game for PS2 today. I'm stoked.
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