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A hat, an earring, a feather in your hair and no shoes.

So, it turns out I had to work yesterday. I got a call at 5:30 asking where I was. Luckily Glenn, the head manager, wasn't there, just Jacob the assistant manager. He was cool with it. He even let me go at my regular time because I had to go to Charlie's party. It was so nice seeing Chuck. I missed his energy, his excitement and our band. Oh yes, Expecto is back, baby. We are going to record new songs. We are all stoked on it. 

I went over to Kirsten's after the party. Ashley and Matt came over. We smoked hookah, but it was ghetto because Ash had broken the bowl the night before, so we used tin foil. It worked okay for a while. Two Percent and Connor came over too. It's always nice to see Two Percent. He has a sweet new style and I really like it.

It was so good to see Kirsten. I hope we hang out all summer long, like good ol' times. And Ashley too. I missed her little face. We will probably hang out this week. We both have days off work. Bitchin.
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