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Fallen Catholics, Oceans and Lakes

Today I bought Kathy Griffin tickets. I am so stoked. We are in row N, which I think is like 14. Its at the Paramount, so we should be pretty close. It isn't until November, and as my grandpa would say  "I would never presume to live that long." But hey, just one more thing to look forward to. I love counting down. Oh, then I should put a new countdown on the bottom.

Today, I was a taxi cab. But with no money. I had to pick up Tawnya from her friend's house. Then I had to drive my dad to Lake City to jump his van. I love Lake City. It is so...classy. We saw one person waiting for drugs on a street corner. The best part is my dad knew him. God, I fucking hate that town.

Ocean's 13 was good. My advice to ladies out there. If you are going on a date, don't go to a movie with Brad Pitt in it.  It just makes it harder. Haha. No, it was fun. And he is nice and funny. 

Kelly Clarkson's New Album- My December in 10 days
Bob Saget- 12 days
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