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I have to cross something off of my summer list

No, not because I did something cool. My girl, Kelly Clarkson, canceled her summer tour. Man, that kinda sucks. But luckily I have a great number of things to look forward to this summer

June 26- KC's new album, My December
June 29-Bob Saget
July 13- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie
July 21- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
July 27- The Simpsons Movie

So even without the tour, I have some pretty good stuff lined up.

Speaking of good things lined up, tomorrow is a busy day. Last day of Psych, kind of a overview and grade check. Then work from 3 to 9. Then I am seeing Oceans 13 with a new friend. I hope no one is doing anything tomorrow.
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