Kelly Rutherfordminskin (borderlinese7en) wrote,
Kelly Rutherfordminskin

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No-Emotion-2-Finals-Left day

God, lately I have felt so dead... just no emotion. When I'm with people, they make me laugh and I'm happy. But when I'm just like sitting at school... I feel nothing. My mom is just a bitch and I don't like her that much. Anything I say she bites my head off. Maybe she takes it wrong because I say everything without emotion. I am blank...

On the bright side, I just did my photography presentation. It went well. She liked my picture, it turned out a lot better after Kirsten helped me (thanks pal!) So just the choir final 5th period... that should be interesting... After that just my history final, which I heard is VERY hard ;) and in sociology we have just a final activity, so pretty much cake after 5th today. Then a 3 DAY WEEKEND!! Work teachers, WORK!

I went to dad's night on Tuesday with my father. He wore a Bart Simpson shirt and it says 'I have issues' It was awesome, my dad is so cool. And we won. My dad said hi to Ralph, and Ralph was like "He remembers me!!" lol I'm going to my dad's this weekend, it should be a grand time.
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