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4 days of sun, fun, trails and males!

Friday- It snowed like .1in and I wasn't feeling up to school, so I didn't go. I had a presentation in Sociology, and I feel bad, I hope I can still get the points. Slept, then Kirsten came over and we ate. Then we went to the basketball game in Lake Stevens. First they don't give us any food for the drive back in November. Then they are lame snobs at the game. Too bad we KICKED THEIR ASSES! Went over to Kirsten's after.

Saturday- Woke up BEFORE Kirsten. There was snow outside, so I threw snowballs at the window to wake her up. Hung at Kirsten's all day. Went to see A Series of Unfortunate Events. I liked it, and I love Jim Carrey! We felt like eating out (lol Tina Fey) so we went to Denny's and got an Appetizer Sam-plah! Dinner and a movie avec my pal!

Sunday- Mad Snow!! Played snowball (Hitting snowballs with a baseball bat) Ashley came over, watched Raising Helen, I liked it. Then we 3 went out to play. Had a snowball fight with Zander, June and Craig. Then we made snow cones, kinda... ate snow off a patio table with koolade on it...:D

Monday- 2 hour late start... that means no school! No really, I was actually going to go. After debating with myself forever, I was dressed and brushing my teeth and my phone rang. It was Ashley, she decided that she wasn't going and was going to the mall instead. I felt like a mall trip, so I said I would go too. They came and got me and we made a Starbucks run (Carmel Apple there anything better?) I didn't buy anything at the mall though, surprising, I know! We went home and watched some of the Grudge. Went home a prepared for the darkness gathering around me, SCHOOL.... and here I am
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