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I am the eggman

Well that's the end of my subjects with each of the songs from Kelly's new album in them. Now back to regular ones.

Today, next period, is my history test... after I post I will study! N.E.R.D. Hopefully I will do okay on it, but I'm not going to ACE it... sorry Stengele. (Nod to Kirsten:I'm sad about the window. :( What time is it?)

My whole paper situation is so messed up. I can't find the right one! I think is on my laptop at home, but my internet isn't working! I will have to bring it over to Kirsten's to send it or something. AOL.COM IS DUMB...

Kirsten got a new phone, it's pretty sweet. Camera phone... oh the fun we have! She downloaded I Am The Walrus, that's my ring. And I have a KC collage pop up too, so personalized! And when Ashley calls is has dogs barking... funny.
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