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New Things
It's been a while. Again. According to Live Journal, it's been 39 weeks. I trust them, so I'm not going to check if it's true. Today was long for getting up at 2 pm. I was supposed to go with Amber to a show, but Kirsten and I decided it was time to get some things out in the open. I'm glad, it was far overdue. Hopefully it will make some things easier. We all have a long way to go, but hey, it's a start. 

Since I last wrote:
New Job. But still at PC as well.
Still going to school.
Going to London for Fall Quarter.

Bob Saget: Very good.
Harry Potter book/movie: Good. Good.
Kathy Griffin: Fantastic, as usual. Love her.
Kelly Clarkson concert: Rocked. 2nd row. Paramount. 

I love trees.

I went to bed at 9 last night. So I woke up at 2am. I read some Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. But I didn't get tired. I watched some TV. Family Guy was on at 3. It was really good, I hadn't seen that episode before, so naturally, I laughed out loud. Around 4:30 I decided to try and sleep again. No good, so I just gave in and got up. Had some coffee with lots of milk and sugar, how I like it. It was getting light out so I wanted to see what time the sun came up. I went to get the paper and it hadn't been dropped off yet. It was dropped off 2 minutes after I looked for it. Our paper is delivered by someone in an Acura. By the way, the sun came up at 5:21 today. I decided to go up on the roof. When the sun was coming up, I noticed the street light was still on. While I was wondering when they turn off, it turned off. I guess I have good timing today. I was up there for a while, probably about 40 minutes. I could see the sky getting lighter and orange, but there were a lot of trees in the way, so I haven't seen the sun directly yet. Not that I'm complaining about the trees. I love trees.

Pong and Crack
So, the luau was really fun. People didn't dress to theme for the most part, but Kirsten had some extra leis and stuff. Plus I had brought some decorations, so the atmosphere was very luau. Stacy and Dillon dressed to theme and Brittany decked out. She had the coconut bra, grass skirt, bit ol' hat. She was awesome. I kicked beer pong's little pansy ass. And the drunker I got, the better I got. And my official beer pong song is David Banner  "Play" 

Kelly's album came out almost a week ago. I listen to it at least once a day. I love it. I go through phases of what songs I like, the harder rock stuff, the pop/rock stuff, the slower stuff. But I do love it all. I am so stoked for her tour. Smaller venues is going to kick ass. Don't get me wrong, I love Kelly anywhere. But there is nothing like a small beautiful theatre filled with wonderful music. Kelly @ the Paramount = Perfect. Kelly @ the Paramount w/ General Admission = Heaven. I really hope they do GA on the next tour. That would be choice.

I had party dream last night. Karne was there, so was Kirsten. Kirsten and I got in a fight, because she was being a bitch. We went in the house to yell at each other. When we were done, we came out to see Karne smoking crack with some random guys. I yelled at her and she didn't know why. Yeah, it was weird. 

I'm going to buy the new Tomb Raider game and the new Harry Potter game for PS2 today. I'm stoked.

(no subject)
So, I was supposed to go out to lunch today. But now I have to wait for some repair man or woman to come and fix the dryer. I feel like a jerk. "Sorry I have to cancel 40 minutes before lunch, but I like dry clothes." But if I didn't wait for repair man or woman today then we wouldn't be able to dry clothes until Monday. Luckily, my lunch date understands.

Kelly Clarkson's new album is on MTV Leak. I listened to it once and wasn't impressed. But then I listened to it again later and loved it. I still love it. It took 2 listens to get used to the new sound and the new songwriting style. But now I can get enough. I couldn't sleep last night because I kept singing. Nerd. 

Kirsten's luau is tonight. I'm excited. I can't wait to see everyone. And I hope people dress up. At least a lei people. But it should be fun. Pong tournament should be exciting. Julian is home this week, so that should be fun, good to see him. 

And Karne emailed me today. She is home for the summer. I'm excited. I haven't seen her in about a year. I was just thinking about her the other day, sent her an email and didn't get one back until now. It was worth the wait, because now I can talk to her in person! Fuck yes. 

My December drops in 6 days

A hat, an earring, a feather in your hair and no shoes.
So, it turns out I had to work yesterday. I got a call at 5:30 asking where I was. Luckily Glenn, the head manager, wasn't there, just Jacob the assistant manager. He was cool with it. He even let me go at my regular time because I had to go to Charlie's party. It was so nice seeing Chuck. I missed his energy, his excitement and our band. Oh yes, Expecto is back, baby. We are going to record new songs. We are all stoked on it. 

I went over to Kirsten's after the party. Ashley and Matt came over. We smoked hookah, but it was ghetto because Ash had broken the bowl the night before, so we used tin foil. It worked okay for a while. Two Percent and Connor came over too. It's always nice to see Two Percent. He has a sweet new style and I really like it.

It was so good to see Kirsten. I hope we hang out all summer long, like good ol' times. And Ashley too. I missed her little face. We will probably hang out this week. We both have days off work. Bitchin.

Fallen Catholics, Oceans and Lakes
Today I bought Kathy Griffin tickets. I am so stoked. We are in row N, which I think is like 14. Its at the Paramount, so we should be pretty close. It isn't until November, and as my grandpa would say  "I would never presume to live that long." But hey, just one more thing to look forward to. I love counting down. Oh, then I should put a new countdown on the bottom.

Today, I was a taxi cab. But with no money. I had to pick up Tawnya from her friend's house. Then I had to drive my dad to Lake City to jump his van. I love Lake City. It is so...classy. We saw one person waiting for drugs on a street corner. The best part is my dad knew him. God, I fucking hate that town.

Ocean's 13 was good. My advice to ladies out there. If you are going on a date, don't go to a movie with Brad Pitt in it.  It just makes it harder. Haha. No, it was fun. And he is nice and funny. 

Kelly Clarkson's New Album- My December in 10 days
Bob Saget- 12 days

I have to cross something off of my summer list
No, not because I did something cool. My girl, Kelly Clarkson, canceled her summer tour. Man, that kinda sucks. But luckily I have a great number of things to look forward to this summer

June 26- KC's new album, My December
June 29-Bob Saget
July 13- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie
July 21- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
July 27- The Simpsons Movie

So even without the tour, I have some pretty good stuff lined up.

Speaking of good things lined up, tomorrow is a busy day. Last day of Psych, kind of a overview and grade check. Then work from 3 to 9. Then I am seeing Oceans 13 with a new friend. I hope no one is doing anything tomorrow.

It's been 2 1/2 years LJ....
I haven't written since January 2005? Damn. I want to start writing here again. I mean, why not. I'm talking to no one. No one reads this. I don't think my friends still write in theirs either. I love looking back and seeing what I had done Junior year. Good times.

(no subject)
Woke up today in a pretty good mood, I had Bohemian Rhapsody in my head. Isn't that weird when you wake up with a song in your head when you haven't even listened to that song in like a month. I mean I fall asleep to Jewel and I wake up with Queen... I don't know.

I played 3 songs for guitar today. I have been putting it off, so I had the songs down! So now I have an A, hopefully an A in Photography, A in Stengele, probably end up with a B in English (damn it) A in choir, and an A in Sociology. Stupid English... ruining my 4.0 Hecka pissed.. (for u Kirsten)

In a much better mood today, happier. Maybe because my mom wasn't a total troll today! Thanks Mom! Today is my last day in Guitar, Photography, and Sociology. It's pretty sad :( But next I get to take Human Relationships, P.E, and Drawing and Painting.

I realized last night that I need some PE clothes... I have to ask Tara.

P.S. I may not post for a while, because I have no internet at home, and now I don't have a class with computer... so they may be few and far between for a bit.. but 3 people read this, so it doesn't really matter... lol

No-Emotion-2-Finals-Left day
God, lately I have felt so dead... just no emotion. When I'm with people, they make me laugh and I'm happy. But when I'm just like sitting at school... I feel nothing. My mom is just a bitch and I don't like her that much. Anything I say she bites my head off. Maybe she takes it wrong because I say everything without emotion. I am blank...

On the bright side, I just did my photography presentation. It went well. She liked my picture, it turned out a lot better after Kirsten helped me (thanks pal!) So just the choir final 5th period... that should be interesting... After that just my history final, which I heard is VERY hard ;) and in sociology we have just a final activity, so pretty much cake after 5th today. Then a 3 DAY WEEKEND!! Work teachers, WORK!

I went to dad's night on Tuesday with my father. He wore a Bart Simpson shirt and it says 'I have issues' It was awesome, my dad is so cool. And we won. My dad said hi to Ralph, and Ralph was like "He remembers me!!" lol I'm going to my dad's this weekend, it should be a grand time.


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